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Posted on 06-09-2016

I was taken back the other day by a conversation I had with one of my very favorite clients.  We were discussing a recent athletic competition that she/he had just completed.  This was a big event....lots of miles to complete and lots of effort.  The event was the kind of thing that many people have on their "once in a lifetime" list of things to complete.  My client, who is a model for health, was disappointed in their performance.  I didn't really know what to say at first.....this person should be jumping up and down and high five-ing everyone in the office in my mind for having even signed up for the event let alone completing it without a hitch.  Then it hit me....the expectations that my client had entering the race were so high that it was difficult for he/she to truly appreciate what an awesome accomplishment had just happened in her/his life.  Most people don't bother to get off of the couch let alone complete the kind of super endurance event this person had just bashed upside of the skull proving that she is one of the strongest, most incredible people I know.  Not to mention that I know for a fact that the inspiration provided by this one person's life has been the wake up call for a large group of people to get up off of their back sides and get to living their own lives in a more healthy way.  That's a huge deal and that kind of inspiration is what makes a difference in people's lives.

It's a good reminder though for those of you who are still afraid to start.  I know tons of people who don't bother to even begin exercising or eating better or taking time to follow their dreams simply because they are afraid to fail.  The only way to fail is to try nothing at all!  Remember, it's not about perfection or reaching your goal right now, today, this minute!  It's about small, steady steps towards a better place than you are today.  You will go off course.  You may be disappointed at times.  You will also have successes and wins.  Just do something!  You'll still be ahead of the masses who haven't bothered to get up and do anything.  Good luck and enjoy the journey.  And as for you, my awesome and athletic friend......well done!  You just keep on inspiring the rest of us to be better!

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